What to watch next to your morning coffee?

Jan 9, 2019 | Suggestions

They say it’s a terrible habit to do something else while eating – watch something for instance. Probably true, but you know what, you can’t take all the fun out of my life, so it’s something I do now and probably will for the rest of my life. My breakfast is usually around noon, doesn’t really matter what time I wake up. I probably have a coffee before, if I wake up much earlier.

But the point is that I religiously watch something while I eat – it used to be series, but the annoying part is that they’re 20-40 minutes long, so basically I’m done with my breakfast by the time I finish the intro to the episode. For the past months I have rediscovered Youtube, but the content has changed a lot for me. For me it’s a nice start for the morning while I usually do three things simultaneously – eat breakfast, watch some video(s) and fill in my Bullet Journal (and figure out what I want to accomplish for the day).

So, I thought I’d share my favourite creators on Youtube in random order.

Matt D’Avella – he is a documentary filmmaker who creates videos every week about minimalism, creativity & what it means to live a meaningful life. Also, I just today started to listen to his podcast ‘The Ground Up Show’ where he talks about the journey of making something happen and as the name says how to build something ground up. He has almost 100 episodes already and all of them with different people from various walks of life.

Sorelle Amore – as she says herself she is all ‘about travel, photography and human optimisation’. She is really inspiring and open about her journey, struggles and wins in life. She often takes up challenges – such as living plastic free, living by someone’s routine (Casey Neistat, Tim Ferris etc), but also gives tips for photography and makes you think about creative side of life. She’s currently going through a burnt out and her topics have shifted a bit from photography (her most known part), so I’m certainly waiting forward what she comes up with next.

Lost LeBlanc – Christian does one of the most stunning travel videos I have seen. He has certainly a quirky humour and it’s just something easy and fun to watch whenever I have time. Also, he decided to change his content in the last months a bit and when before he aimed for classical travel videos, it’s more about experiences while travelling and real life now. He talks a lot about travel hacks and the cinematography is just on point.

I have more people I occasionally watch – Break the Twitch for minimalism, creativity, habits, Lizzie Pierece for photography and girl boss vibe, Jessica Kobeissi for photo challenges and TED Talks because you can find inspiration from the most amazing people on every topic.

Which channels can you suggest me? Let me know!

* pictures are from yesterday when we went for a cafe tour in Liége and just walked around a bit. And how catchy postcards are these. Anyone wants to receive one?


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