What to do tonight? Ideas for a year.

Jan 6, 2019 | Personal, Self development

Yesterday I saw the SEIK Actions calendar and from there I got the idea – why not write down all the ideas you have and what you could do during the year. It was just on Friday when I sat at home and was facing a common problem – I would like to do something but I don’t know what. I don’t just want to go out nor cook nor play board games. What did I do then? Netflix. If you think of at least 50 ideas you want to try this year, you would have more or less one idea for a week. Difficult? Yes.

On the one hand, moving to a new place is an ideal opportunity to try new things – the environment is new and there are so many options that have not yet been done. However, you also have no idea what could be done. Have you been in this situation? At the moment I feel a little unaware as everything is undone and at the same time what it is all that Liége can offer me?

I’ll challenge you, think of at least 10 things you want to do this year and write them down! In this case, the next time you are in the same trouble as I was couple of days ago, you have already some ideas. Or do as I did and think 12 activities, one for each month.

January – Find 3 destinations you want to go to & find out more about them

February – Visit the Cat Café in Liége

March – Organize a ‘budget’ food contest with friends – everyone has to cook something with budget of 5/10 €

April – Learn something new in YouTube / Skillshare / etc that you didn’t know before

May – Have a picnic in the park

June – Go hiking / camping

July – Bake one very ‘extra’ cake with decorations

August – Make yourself special jams / spreads etc.

September – Paint or draw something for the wall

October – Organize or attend a Halloween party

November – Put together one big puzzle

December – Master the gingerbread house

What are your ideas for the year you would like to try?


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