Spontaneous weekend in France

Oct 22, 2018 | France, Travel

Although I would like to share my eventful vacation in Morocco, I have the usual “travel hangover”, which means that as my plane lands, I don’t want to touch my computer for some time. I know I should sort the pictures and edit but I just feel ‘NO’. I have recently researched a lot about routines and productivity, because I feel that I have taken up so many tasks and can not keep up with them. And even if I have time, I’ll spend it doing something else (aka Masterchef, Billions, Instagram, drooling over others’ travel pictures etc). I finished my Bullet Journal preparation this weekend and hope it will increase my productivity. Moreover, I want to make a plan on Morocco so that I do not spam you with thousand posts. 

Anyway, I was planning a peaceful weekend in Belgium and was hoping to get some stuff done and start the new week calmly and not to feel that I have a thousand and one thing to do. On Saturday afternoon, I discovered myself driving towards Metz in North of France. I was actually there on the holidays in August after arriving back from Spain. My Instagram followers may have seen how I was able to again (!) rent a bike that had a fault. In Metz they had three different paths drawn on the ground (street art, installations, etc.), which we then tried to follow with thirty degrees heat on bikes.

It was interesting to see the city in autumn colors, and in some way more calm pace. Always in the new moment, I feel that I would like to see everything that a place has to offer and it often creates a pressure that doesn’t let me enjoy the moment. This time, we just walked around the Old Town and enjoyed the night view of cathedral and had dinner at L ‘Assiette and Le Verre.

A little reminder from August ↓

The next day, we headed to Épiez-sur-Chiers to go to wine tasting. In recent years, my love for wines has increased, but I have never been to wine degustation. Certainly an awesome experience and let’s be honest, I felt really stupid at the beginning. Let’s say that by the end of the day I felt I was a wine myself. There were about 6-7 different manufacturers and they showcased their champagnes, white, red and dessert wines, with a total of at least over fifty different ones. Anyway, we did not leave with empty hands , and one producer stole my heart with their red wines.

We wanted to have lunch in Avioth, but the restaurant was closed. So, we took the road to the Orval Abbey. This monastery is home to the world-famous Orval trappist beer and less known, though delicious cheese. There are only twelve trappist breweries in the world and six of them are located in Belgium (source).

We also went there a few months ago, so this weekend was all about the revisiting memories from August, but in autumn tones. And what a beautiful set of warm colours does Northern France and Southern Belgium offer at the moment with its valleys and colorful nature.


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