Six unique gift ideas from Estonian companies for this year

Nov 25, 2018 | Suggestions

Few weeks back I asked from you through Facebook and Instagram which are the Estonian companies you really like and would be happy to find their products under the Christmas tree. I picked some of them and researched some more to make a list of six locally produced gift ideas. If you’re not in Estonia, I’m sure you can order them abroad as well.

This post is not an advertisement. I will not get any benefits from it, but you will. After making the list I contacted the companies to get something good out of it for you. And guess what, all of them complied and wanted to give you a chance to either win their product or get it a bit cheaper. All about it below.


‘Eherüs means brown trout in Võru dialect. These fish skin accessories are handmade in Estonia. Every accessory carries a story and each one of them is unique.’

This one was suggested to me by one of you and I have to say, I was truly amazed how beautiful they are. I love the recycling concept and using parts as fish skin that would be otherwise thrown away. Yes, you got it right, they do not catch the fish to make jewellery but use something that is byproduct of food industry. Also, my first thought was ‘What a good conversation piece.’ and a perfect gift for someone who enjoys fishing or just values unique accessories.

Eherüs could make you shine during Christmas events or help you make someone else happy. Namely, I’ll be having a giveaway next week for these handmade trout leather earrings. More information coming up on my Instagram page.

Nordic Honey

When I was little I could endlessly eat bread topped with honey in my grandma’s place. I prepared about 5-6 of them on a plate and only ate and ate till I didn’t even want to see any more honey. Last years though I have found my fondness for honey yet again and every time I feel getting a bit sick, I always reach for tea and honey.

I remember some years ago when looking yet again for some souvenirs to bring I found the most beautifully designed jar of honey, so it just stayed in the back of my mind. While I was doing research for this list, it came into my mind and I decided to look them up. I’m always willing to pay a bit extra for high quality and eye-catching design. I don’t know if I’m the only one but I find their combination of this jar and wooden lid really soft and harmonious?

Looking around in their e-shop the two that caught my eye were ‘Late Harvest‘ because I love honey on goat cheese and ‘Sting of Chilli‘ to use it a bit in a salad dressing.

Nordic Honey gives you an opportunity to purchase their stylishly packed organic honey -20% using discount code ‘KRISTI20’ until midnight of 28th of November.


I think everyone Estonian knows what means to look for reflectors before the dark season begins and actually how difficult it is to find the one that would fit your style and would not be just another circle with some company’s logo on top that you got from some fair. Certainly I have felt it. I have a drawer full of questionable reflectors that would not compliment my outfit in any way. If you didn’t know, then wearing a reflector is mandatory in Estonia.

No need to look further because I did it already for you. Other than eye-catching design, Krentu reflectors also have another bonus – you can order them with an easy attachment, to be able to switch it between bags and coats if needed. + I think the leather strap looks really good.

My favourites are the black one with rain drops and I especially like the one with dragon fly wings. I think that any boy would be quite happy if elf would bring them the one with engine gears.

But now it’s your turn to select the ones you like, as Krentu will give three readers a chance to get one of the reflectors. Again, more information coming up on my Instagram next week.


‘VURLE cardholder is an Estonian design award Bruno nominee in 2018′, so it seems I’m not the only one who thinks it’s just so beautiful and minimalistic. Yes, reading this post you have probably understood that 1. I like minimal style and 2. I do like special solutions regarding it.

About Vurle, you can easily fit 7-8 cards and its wooden pocket holds either coins or some smaller object that always has to travel with you – either a picture of a loved one or a note with codes you yet can’t remember. I’m one of those who use a card 90% of the time, but in this 10% I withdraw cash and the amount melts into coins in a second, which means I’ll be looking for these coins from the bottom of my bag and never find them when needed. Not a case with Vurle.

Also, a bit funny but sometimes really useful edition is the bottle opener. For the last years I have always had a bottle opener in my key chain, because, yes, I admit I have not mastered how to open beer bottles with either a corner of the desk or another bottle. While living in Tartu during my university years, I had more than one moment when I needed this skill. Anyways, I think Vurle has a really thought-out design and pleasant Estonian wooden solution figured out, which you would only feel proud to take out of your pocket.

I am so glad to let you know that one of you can decide if they prefer black or brown, as Vurle was so kind to offer a Vurle to give away through Instagram. For those who are not that lucky with winning things (as me), can use a discount code ‘KRISTI15’ to still get -15% off their purchase.

Bold Tuesday

Some years ago I got World Map that could be coloured, not knowing it was Estonian company who produced it. What a thrill it is to colour it in, but only to discover how little of the world I have seen.

When I think which gifts would make me happy, a unique poster would definitely be one of them. I don’t even know why but I googled Bold Tuesday’s page and discovered that as they’re Estonian company, they fit right into my list. By the way, if you have any friends from other sides of the world, they easily ship their products world-wide.

What caught my eye on their page? Well, I really like their minimalist take on outlays of Germany, UK and California, that would fit right in on a wall or a shelf in a Scandinavian style (or basically any) apartment. I always feel some connection with a country I have lived in, so it would be a stylish way to cherish it in a place I currently live.

Using code ‘KRISTI15’ 25.11-16.12, you’ll get your posters -15% off.


I truly adore animals. My parents have two st. bernards and a really stubborn cat, that I finally after long begging got for my 17th birthday. Who knows this wonderful feeling that you just scored a pet and go the buy all the essentials only to discover that all the products are made of plastic and that colourful that it would not be pleasing to see laying around at home?

I certainly have had it. If you’re the one who has been in the same situation – wait no more, I found Krantz’s web page and discovered these really cool concrete food bowls. And you know what is the especially useful feature that I did not think about in the beginning? They do not move, if your pet decides to share half of its food or water with the floor, and also, they do not scratch your floor thanks to the rubber pads underneath, in case you’re sharing your life with a stronger four legged individual.

And now there’s no shame in showcasing your pet’s food and water bowl openly, as they’re separate design pieces for your home. Are you the one who would like to upgrade their game and get one of these concrete beauties? If yes, just keep an eye out in my Instagram to win a M size food bowl.

So, I hope you found some new ideas from this list and thus your following month before Christmas is a bit more carefree. Many of the products mentioned will be part of a giveaway week in my Instagram, so come and check it out from tomorrow.

Disclaimer! They will be shipped in Estonia, so take part of the giveaway if you’re ready to pick the gift up in Estonia.


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