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In November-December last year, I noticed that my skin had become really crappy. I thought maybe it was just a matter of changing the diet and the stress of constant travel, but as the time passed, the worse it became. I have never had a problem with my skin in my life and how now, at the age of 26, do I have to contend with bumpy and uneven face. I don’t know if I’m the only one who notices my skin condition when I put on makeup. However, when I was working from home and because of my reduced social output, I did not (and still do not) wear much of make up, so I did not notice on daily bases that the situation was worse than usual. Well, unless some unicorn-like pimple showed itself again on my face or neck.

Although my journey is not over yet and I am still struggling with having smooth skin, all these months of struggle around have made me look at the products I use. I sat in my home in Belgium and searched through Estonian e-shops to see what was offered in the local market. Although I was actually looking for something from Estonian producers, I was struck by the design of our southern neighbours and decided to try MÁDARA. Apart from the design I was drawn to them by the ECOCERT standard (at least 95% natural ingredients + 5% firmly regulated and without paraberns, mineral oils, etc.) and natural ingredients.


Among the MÁDARA products I chose the SOS Series Cream and Serum because my skin is combined and can be relatively dry on the higher parts of the face (cheekbones, forehead) and definitely needed moisturizing after the summer. I am honest now – although I always take off makeup, with cleansing of my face I have really tend to have problems. And as the best way to create new habits is to try something new for me – it was time to find a new facial cleanser. In addition, I wanted to give it a try with a good old soap to reduce the amount of fluids while traveling.


★★    Great product. Would recommend to my mom, friend, neighbour and definitely buy again.

★★★★☆    Good product. There is nothing negative to say, but just not the all time best for me.

★★★☆☆    Quite good product. Something bothered me or didn’t suit me right, but it might suit you.

★★☆☆☆    Rather a meeeh product. I’d recommend leaving it the store. Definitely not my kind of product.

★☆☆☆☆    Poor product. The enemy of the enemy deserves better.


41.80€ (link)     

Don’t roll your eyes now, but this is the first serum I use in my life. As I read this multi-award winning serum restores dehydrated skin, I felt it was right for me. (Kristi, please drink more water!)

Scrolled through the feedback says that it smells intense and peonies, so I guess my sense of smell is lacking, as to me it wasn’t strong at all. It really moisturizes, but I may not understand its effect so well because I’m not used to using serums. Will continue to use and who knows, maybe I’ll fall in love as with the next product.


33.99€ (39.90€) (link)   

Moisture-locking cream containing the same hyaluronic acids, the ingredients of which form a protective layer on the skin against environmental influences.

I’m just saying right away: THIS IS THE BEST CREAM I’ve ever used! It was the only one I took with me to Turkey and after 12h + days of wearing make up, I felt like I had injected some moisturizing liquid into my skin.

Best of all with this moisturizer – the cream is really silky and light and doesn’t come off with rolls, as I have encountered with some in the past.


20.90€ (link)     ★★   

I’ve been faithful to my Bioderma micellar water for years, because it’s just best for taking off makeup, but leaves my skin with pulling sensation. Although I will carry it in mini travel bottles, Madara cleaning foam will still be used at home. I was really surprised that it removes eye makeup (!) without making my eyes tingle and did not leave my skin absolutely weird, that I’d just wanted to apply cream to it immediately. I try to be consistent and use it every morning and evening.

I must say, the smell did surprise me in the beginning, reminding me of antiseptic and herbs.


9.90€ (link)     ★☆ 

If you travel frequently, you know how tedious it is to pack liquids into miniature bottles every time and then look for them in a security check. I have long wanted to turn myself into believer of solid soaps. However, somewhere in my head I have the conviction that soaps dry my skin.

I put it to the test and it is honestly comfortable while travelling – the soap foams properly, leaves no body or sponge black and smells earthy (don’t wait for the floral scent!). The soap is palm oil free, organic and does not contain sulphates or microplastics. Coconut oil makes the skin soft and 100% biodegradable with the environment in mind.

I was looking forward to trying the serum the most, as I imagined it would work wonders on my dry face, but to my surprise it was SOS Hydra Recharge Cream doing that. Don’t get me wrong, I will finish this serum 100%, but if someone asked me what your best beauty product find of 2019, I’d say it’s SOS Hydra Recharge Cream. And that’s a bargain right now, so if you need to moisturise, go do yourself a favour.

And to why did the soap get 4 stars? Because I was thinking if I would talk about it as something extraordinary and rush to buy more when I finish it? Probably not. It does his job well, and I really have nothing negative to say, but at the same time, you will not hear my scream from the rooftops neither.

These were my first products review. How did you like it and do you see it as something useful or rather not?


I received all products as a gift from MÁDARA. There was no obligation to write, but I thought I’d share my favorites and my all time favorites with you.


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