How to see neighbour’s Christmas tree without looking out of the window?

Dec 26, 2018 | Personal

Have you ever thought how others celebrate Christmas? Actually you still only know the traditions of your own family and loved ones (and movies), and often you may have your first shock as you visit your significant other’s family during the holidays and think what the hell is going on. We’re so used to our customs that we think everyone has the same.

But that’s not what I really wanted to talk about. I’ve spent 99% of the time my Christmas at home and also this time I came home for Christmas. I am currently at Riga Airport, once again to fly to Belgium. That’s why my Christmas celebration ‘shock’ stays in the upcoming years.

But on the way over I was thinking about the combination of social media and Christmas. There is no other time other than Christmas and New Year’s Eve (and Midsummer Day), when so much material is produced and published online about one’s private life. As it’s a rather cheerful time and you probably have more to share – being it the presents or your festive platter. I have somehow just stayed rather quiet in all of it. I know my family is somewhat private (topic) and somehow I like keep it all for myself.

But from an anthropological point of view, it has been very interesting to observe the different traditions, both by country and nationally. One starts the morning behind the wine glass and prepares the meal with whole family, others stumble in the snowy forest to find a Christmas tree and some are finishing the evening by singing together accompanied by a guitar. Will gifts be opened only at 25 or is it the day to visit the closest relatives? Who’s going to work, who takes the direction to the church and who takes a hike? I think the current “look at what I do” culture has provided an excellent opportunity to see how your neighbours live without looking around at their window. Although yes, how they want you to see how they live.

How is it fot you – do you leave your phone at the nightstand and enjoy the moment or capture the most enjoyable activities with the camera?


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