Did you know I suck at drawing and singing? And nine other things you ought to know about me.

Nov 4, 2018 | Personal

1. My mom named me after an ice-skater called Christy that she saw on TV, well, definitely that didn’t give me an ability to ice skate. Once I went to this retro roller-blade skating ring and left with a big-ass bruise, well, on my ass. Let’s just say when you’re having a really bad day, take me to a skating ring and you’ll laugh there so much because of my clumsiness that afterwards you’re happy as a puppy.

2. I was always dead sure I hated olives. Till I decided to be adventurous and give them a try while living in Cyprus in 2017. LOVE THEM. So, now it’s my mission to consume all the olives that I didn’t all the previous years. While living in Alicante, we had this halal shop with delicious olives right next to our place, so I went there several days a week and they were always puzzled why I bought every time just hundred grams or so and visited every couple of days. Also, my friends could be always certain that to gatherings I bring olives.

3. I’m an only child which means that I’m really-really used to have my own space and time, which can prove a bit tricky while travelling. During the constant 2 months of travelling in Europe in summer 2017, I loved the moment when I offered to pick something up from a shop and everyone was ‘I can come with you, so you wouldn’t be alone.’ and I thought to myself ‘Don’t you even dare.’ Also, I have discovered that even now, I enjoy walking around alone and discovering place in my own pace.

4. I can’t draw, nor sing (oh please no!), nor really get the rhythm. Buuuuut I love creative arts and every now and then doodle or colour these grownup colouring books. My grandma and mom are amazing in crafts, so I grew up trying all of it – sewing, knitting, crocheting, making rag carpets etc. So, photography for me kind of is in the middle of it all – doesn’t require drawing but still is creative and I can express myself through it.

5. When I was 18, I was determined to go do an European Voluntary Service after high school, so I left for a year in Bulgaria just before my 19th birthday. I lived in Stara Zagora and thought English to Romani minorities in the surrounding villages. This period taught me a lot about myself, different work ethics and how to stand up for yourself, but also about friendship and how to be alone.

6. I am a total and unconditional cat person. I like dogs, they’re cute and loyal, but I adore cats. Which means that every freaking cat I see, I wanna pet it. And let me just say, this took a lot of time in Morocco and I’m surprised I didn’t get any diseases from the street cats because they were in so bad shape and it broke my heart. 

7. I am born and raised in Estonia, where I spent most of the time living in an apartment building. My parents bought a country place near the town when I was maybe around 5-6 and moved there permanently in my late teens. So, I feel as good in the countryside as in a city, but I get an urge to go the nature if I’m too long in urban setting. I love going mushroom picking with my parents’ dog, camera hanging around my neck, in late summer and autumn, even though I don’t really eat mushrooms myself. So, all the mushrooms end up with my grandma who conserves them in the jars for winter. 
8. I’m a legitimate foodie and wine lover … and that’s why when travelling half of my budget is spent usually in cafes and restaurants. I respect people who can go somewhere and only live off buying bread + cheese from a supermarket. Also, people who say they’d be happy to take a pill for not being hungry as it’s annoying to always figure out what to eat. I definitely ain’t one of them though. 
9. I love candles and fires. During holder seasons I always have vanilla scented candles burning in my place. Also, my comfort temperature is quite high at home (24 degrees), so I’m constantly cold and in my parents’ place use a small heater to not make everyone else live in sauna like temperatures. Also, it’s a genius way to get all the cats come stay in your room thanks to the heat. Although, I mostly prefer warmer climates than Estonia and it’s half a year of winter, I must say that compared to South of Europe, we have done something right – central heating and proper windows.
10. I’m really close to my family and my mom always wants me to text her when I arrive either by plane or bus. This has transferred also into my habit patterns, so whenever I depart with someone, I tell them to text me when you get home safe.


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