Amsterdam Bucket List

Dec 12, 2018 | Bucket List, the Netherlands, Travel

Long time, no Bucket List. So, here it is. This time for Amsterdam and let’s just say I didn’t do most of the stuff. We stayed in Amsterdam for a day before continuing for Gröningen to visit my cousin. Funnily enough, last time I was in Amsterdam I stayed there also for a day, so maybe next time I can stretch it for a whole weekend, who knows. Definitely in spring or summer time, because I tend to forget how much I despise cold. Also, I don’t know what happened but I have so few pictures of Amsterdam. I think it’s kind of connected with the cold factor – it was ‘Let’s walk fast, I want to find some warmth from a cafe’ style of day.

I’ll be sharing the template also in my Instagram stories and will list them in the future under the highlight section, so you can revisit, screenshot and share your own ‘accomplishments’.

Eat a stroopwafle

Definitely one of my favourite treats of all time, but I never had them freshly made in front of your eyes with goofy warm inside. Yum. For me it’s the combination of cinnamon and caramel is just so mouthwatering that writing this, I wish I had a package of them laying in the pantry.

Not a stroopwafle but still cute cookies.

Take a cruise on the canals

During cold and dark times they have installed this light show to get more people to ride the boats, as of course, in summer, the business usually goes better. Unfortunately they light shows start at 5 pm and we had to be in the bus station in the other side of the city by 6 pm, so now light show and no canal cruises for us this time.

Have a cheese tasting

Again time was not our friend but did it stopped me from trying different cheeses? No. Of course not. As all of you know, cheese is life. So, we went to a cheese shop and had our tasting spree there. Later we also bought a really good round cheese with herbs and it was delicious as we tried it later at home. I’m in general more this white and soft kind of cheese lover but a good cheese is always good. Yep. I was just so cheesy. Ups. I did it again.

Visit a coffee shop

I would like to visit one of them next time I’m there. During the ‘Free Walking Tour’ the guide gave us some good information that I did not know before. For example, that the city of Amsterdam does not know how much they earn as selling cannabis is not actually legal but tolerated, so they assume the amount sold and set a tax estimation. The place always pays it, as the actual amount sold is higher. You can go in with your friends even if you don’t want to smoke, but you do have to buy something to drink – a coffee or a tea (they do not sell alcohol in the coffee shops). Almost 50% of the price is tax, so for the coffee shops it’s extremely important to sell enough legal products (drinks etc).

Try fresh herring with onions from a food truck

As you can guess in Amsterdam it’s a lot about fishing and seafood. I have personally never been much of a fan of herring, especially uncooked one. But, apparently it’s a Dutch thing to eat it raw with freshly chopped onions sliding it to your mouth (not biting it like you usually would). I’ll definitely skip that, also in the future.

Check out the Red Lights District

Again the ‘Free Walking Tour’ gave as really good knowledge which was so insightful compared to just walking around, as last time. All the people working there are freelancers and don’t have pimps, so they can choose their own customers and work hours. Generally they earn back the rent for the cubicle in an hour or two and after that everything is to their pocket. The district is divided into sections – big mama alley, silicon valley, grandmas etc. So, if you know your preferences, just go to the right section. Also, it’s forbidden to photograph them as although it’s legal in Amsterdam to provide services, they still could be held accountable in their own country.

Swing on the highest swing of Europe to enjoy the view

Swinging on rainy cold December day up in the air – call me a prude, but no thank you. Maybe next time. In summer.

Visit the flower market

We did it last summer, but honestly, if you expect something so so very magical and different, that’s not it. But if you go at it with ‘I’ll see what they offer’, it can be great experience. It’s also lined up with some cafes and cheese stores, so just go, have a look, buy some souvenirs and enjoy yourself.

Look at the staircase in this house! The houses in Amsterdam can be pretty darn narrow. Can you imagine walking it up and down every day – to get from kitchen to living room to bedroom?

Have Heineken Experience

Going to yet another beer museum in a one day trip didn’t seem like a ‘must have’ for me. I’m sure it’s more elaborate than the ones in Prague and Estonia, but still. I have lately felt that I’d rather walk around and visit a nice cafe, than go to these tourism hubs where everything is tailored to give the same exact experience to all.

We sat down in a cafe to get some hot wine and they had a freaking cat there! I was so over the moon, as you can guess.

Ride a bike

Me and bikes. What a good luck we have had. About five years ago I was visiting my best friend Maire in Copenhagen and of course, we rented a bike. It was end of January and freaking cold. Ok, wasn’t so in shape so and I thought it was just so difficult to ride this damn bike. Everyone just left me behind, so I got moody and everyone’s just ‘You can do it.’ In the end, it turned out that my bike was broken and the tire was completely flat. Everyone felt bad for thinking I was a wuss. I was though. So, carry on every time I rent a bike, there’s something wrong with it. You guessed it right, this time, the joke is on Amsterdam, we didn’t rent a bike.

It’s a city I definitely want to go back to. Stay a night, wander around without the stress of leaving the same day. I totally forgot to put the ‘Anne Frank Museum’ on the list, but I haven’t been there neither. Which places in Amsterdam do you love the most or where would you like to go?


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