Am I the right person to tell you where to go and what to do?

Nov 21, 2018 | Personal

It has been a month of a couple of days since my blog went live. I thought I’d share with you my vision and what it means for me. I have loved writing since I was little, but I guess it took time to find a good outlet for it. I have always watched other blogs and thought ‘I could do that’, but never felt I had the ability to be consistent or actually give value to others. This is the first time I’m serious about it and willing to put myself out there.


– when I travel somewhere for longer, I’ll make this ‘Bucket List’ as I did for Morocco. It is also for me a way to visualise my trip and what I want to see or accomplish. I like to be organised and somehow with travelling it goes out the window and I usually end up figuring things out on the spot … and later thinking ‘I could have done that, if I had known.’ I’ll share the template in my Instagram stories, so if you have been to the destination as well, show me your list or share it via stories with your friends.

– I’ll illustrate my travel stories with pictures and will add a gallery in a separate tab of every destination, so if you’re interested, don’t have to scroll through all the posts, but just check it out there.

– With my travelling posts I’ll be thorough, so people who go there have actually some knowledge to gain. I know it’s not as interesting for readers who have not been or do not have interest to visit the place soon, but my goal is to be informative in this topic and as detailed as possible.

Personal life / lifestyle

– I have grown in a personal level a lot in the past year and have discovered a lot of ways to push myself to be more and have acknowledged that learning doesn’t end in school. I realised that these rather short and informative posts could be useful to use as well. I’ll be sharing my experience in different topics that are present in my life currently – daily routines, learning a new language, organising your workflow, photography etc.

– Although I’ll be sharing my opinions and thoughts, I’ll not use as blog as my diary to write about my personal life. I’m not making it a goal to keep it from my readers, so of course from time to time I’ll be sharing more, but it won’t be a place to look for insights to my life or people around me.

– I will start acknowledging once a month something that has caught my eye or ear and I want to draw your attention to. I think all the people deserve more kind words than they’re getting for what they do. How often do you think that ‘Oh, that’s so cool what he/she is doing’, but don’t tell them, let alone say it publicly?

So, I hope it’s more clear now what you can find in here, and I truly hope you’re coming back. On Sunday I’ll publish about 7 Estonian own products I would love to gift or be gifted. It is not a promotional post and I actually googled to find the ones catching my eye. Buuuut .. after choosing them, I did contact them to get some value for you, so keep your eyes open also in Facebook and Instagram.


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