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What fuels you? For me it’s travelling and/or photography. I love to capture the moments around me and I’ve discovered that new places inspire me even more to grab for my camera.

KRISTI X TRAVEL STORIES has been circling on my mind for quite a while, but I’ve always found excuses and reasons why not to actually do it. I feel that now is the right time to share my thoughts and tricks on how to get the most out of your travels and where to go.​ As my journey has brought me currently to live abroad I will also write about the ups and downs about international lifestyle.

I hope you will enjoy looking around on my page and reading the posts I wrote for you. I can only hope that while reading them, you will find additional motivation for travelling, or whatever makes your eyes sparkle.

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I have not set a goal how many countries I want to visit in my lifetime, because I think it’s not about a number but the quality of experiences. Still, I think it’s a good reminder of how far I have already come and for you to understand a little bit better.




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what is my story?

I grew up in South Estonia in a small town called Võru. During my high school I couldn’t figure out what to study in the university, so after graduation I decided to take on the adventure of European Voluntary Service in Bulgaria for 11 months. It was the first time I set my foot on an airplane.

After that I have lived 4 months in Cyprus during my Erasmus student exchange in 2017 and 6 months in Spain while doing my internship in 2018. Currently I reside in Belgium. 

Living abroad has put me often out of my comfort zone and certainly made me want to discover the world even more. I love the puzzled feeling trying to figure out a new culture and its customs.

My travelling nowadays usually look like that – coffee, photos, food, photos, food, photos, are there any cats close? But honestly, exploring country’s food scene is something I take seriously and even more so, petting every cat that comes in my way. 

From my blog you can read about my journey on this planet and enjoy the photos taken on the way and tips shared from every destination experienced.