533 steps to enjoy the view from 100 meters

Oct 28, 2018 | Germany, Travel

Due to the commuting between Estonia and Belgium at the moment, it means a constant purchase of airline tickets and airport departures. This time it was wise to fly to Riga – Cologne – Riga.

As a surprise to probably everyone we managed to cross off our tasks in no time, so we were able to catch a break in Cologne for three hours. I think it’s sad if your only experience with a city is seeing the airport. We took our sight straight to the … to the schnitzel and currywurst and after that the Cologne Cathedral. I’m not really keen on churches-cathedrals, but somehow this gothic-style building really shook me. It was stunning from the other side of the square and also when standing really close to it with all its grandness and details, so at this time you can really hear from me that it’s worth a visit. And let me tell you, it’s something.

Last summer when we travelled across Europe, walking up SO many stairs to all these (church) towers, and yet this feeling ‘Are we there yet?’ had already left my mind. If you think there are many steps in the Oleviste Church (St. Olaf’s) in Tallinn, the Cologne Cathedral will outdo it.

While walking up these narrow turning stairs I definitely felt on one or many (not even two) occasions ‘I’m done, it’s not for me.’ And, of course, it’s really not motivating if people coming down say “Oo, we’re already by the bells.” And you yourself think that you are alreadysomewhere, not the opposite way around. Anyways, coming down, I also thought that the stairs are endless and felt such a bittersweet for all the people going up. Sorry but not sorry.

To you all numbers’ people, who are interested, the cathedral is a 157-meter-high, and currently the highest two-spired church in the world. It is visited daily by around 20,000 and is therefore is one of Germany’s most visited landmarks.

The views are of course fascinating, and Cologne left me with an incredibly good impression. I definitely want to go back to the Christmas Market and maybe even take the excruciating journey by stairs again to admire the market with all the lights from the top.


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