3 habits I’m going to pick up in December

Nov 28, 2018 | Personal, Self development

I feel like saying this every year, but 2018, wow, you have been fast. A lot has changed in this year – I lived 6 months in Spain, travelled to eight countries so far (+ the Netherlands this weekend), have made some good friends along the way, moved to Belgium, started my blog, upped my Instagram game, started investing into photography again and so much more. I’m sure to make a recap of 2018 with pictures before the end of December, but there’s still a month left to achieve something memorable, or at least start some new healthy habits.

So, what do I promise to do in the next following 4 weeks to come?

1. Learn French 5 days a week for at least half an hour in a day.

I started to learn French TODAY. I’ll not be taking any (private) classes but will try out how is it to learn by all the apps available for us and also I’ll be researching different articles and will shed some light which are best ways to learn a language.

A week ago I joined Jim Kwik’s KWIK Learning online course with videos which should help me remember in general better and more effectively in life, and thus helping also with connecting the dots for language learning. If I find it useful, I’ll probably also write a more thorough article about his methods. Would you be interested in it?

2. Have a plan of 3 things you want to accomplish during the day.

Lately I have waked up a many days without a specific plan what needs to be done during the day and I feel it really demotivates me. I have tried for the past month intermittent fasting, so I eat during a 6h window. It means that when previously I woke up, had coffee, breakfast and then started to somehow move on with my day, then now I have the whole morning ‘free’ to accomplish my goals before noon. And you know what? I still mostly manage to spend it doing something, then something else and in the end not feeling like I’m on top of things. So, I intend to have list of 3 things I definitely plan to check off during the day waiting for me already by night before. It means in the morning I have a plan and I don’t have to start figuring out what is important and what can wait.

3. Drink 2 litres of water per day.

Might sound easy and to most of you ‘Really? That’s your goal?’, but yes, that’s something that I tend to forget. I am not used to drinking that much water and honestly, I just forget because mostly I don’t have the feeling I need it. But, if I put a 1l bottle next to my computer, my hand automatically reaches for it, so I’ll just try to keep filled water bottle next to me and see if it’ll have any difference. With central heating I feel that my skin has become so dry, so hope to hydrate my body also with water, not only creams.

What are your three habits you want to pick up or reintroduce to your schedule in December?


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