2019 travel plans

Jan 28, 2019 | Personal, Travel

After a long silence, now is the time to tell you what I have planned for this year, or more precisely, for the first half. But first – how do you like my new website design? It has been a long time in doing, because although I thought it would take time, it took more time and motivation than I expected. Anyways, it’s ready. I wanted to put all my interests together in one place – blog, travel galleries and photography.

Speaking of travel plans, at the moment when I am writing it, I am actually sitting at Porto Airport and waiting for the shuttle bus. Although this trip is more of a work related, I still hope to discover Porto and charge my batteries in the sun. I just feel like this dull sky robs energy and every sun ray makes the day more beautiful right now.

In February, I will work with the Tourist Information Center of Võru County and discover South Estonia with A. When I was in Estonia in autumn, I started to think that most of my Estonian readers are living in Northern Estonia, and maybe it would be interesting for them to see what could be done in the south with one weekend. And it is quite uncommon for foreigners to get out of Tallinn, so it’s time to show what can be seen in the countryside. It is planned to try some of the traditional activities and flavors and have some fun sliding down on the ‘mountain’.

I can’t wait for the end of March. Why? Because, after all, that spring is about to dawn, we will go to Israel for a week. I’ve been watching different YouTube videos right now about what could we do, but I haven’t done a definite plan yet. This time I would not run from one place to another as usual, but at the same time feel that I have seen the country enough. Let’s land and leave Eilat, so we have to move to North and come back in the other way. If you have any suggestions or ideas, be sure to write to me.

April is still the only month in which there is no travel plan yet. At the same time, A. gave me a night in a bubble hotel for Christmas, so why not go there it in April.

For May we have bought tickets for Malta. It’s funny that when I chose the place for my voluntary service, Malta was one of the best candidates. At that time it excluded it because the organization seemed doubtful and was too quick to accept without even interviewing me. But now, eight years later, the mistake will be corrected. And so the list of these unfrequented European countries is decreasing.

Anyway, such plans have already been made for this year, and I’m sure there are some trips are still in the works during following months. What are your plans for this half a year?


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